How to make your herbarium



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How to make your herbarium

How to make your herbarium.

The drying of plants will consist to extract a maximum of water of the plant or the flower. Dehydration of the sample will allow a long time conservation.

The simplest method consists in placing samples between newspapers and in placing above a relatively important weight, for example dictionaries or phone books. Thickness of papers have to be superior to the thickness of the plant.

The most important will be to replace the papers at least every two or three days. By leaving them much longer, the humidity of papers and plant would become a ground convenient to the development of molds.

You can realize an herbarium a little more evolved with two boards of chipboard, 4 saws, 4 slices and 4 nut butterflies.

Conservation of your herbarium

To preserve your plants, I advise you to fix them to white cards/papers which you can annotate with the common and scientific nouns, the date and the place of the sampling and possibly the properties of the plant. To fix the plant, I use fragments of transparent adhesive tapes (about 1 mm in width).

Plants, shielded from the light, will be preserved for a very long time, if you avoid attacks of parasites with some mothballs for example.

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