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For the ancient time...

... the man learnt to recognize toxic plants to avoid them, but also to use them. Vegetal poisons so had a certain "success" till the end of the XVIIth century, date in which they were dethroned by chemical poisons.

The sight of this herbarium has of what to frighten the walker who does not suspect that he passes next to all the ingredients of a "broth of eleven o'clock" during a simple walk in the campaign.

The most elementary caution is sufficient to protect itself from the danger of the vegetation. It is necessary to know that the nature is not still so kind and peaceful as we could believe it...


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Disclaimer and warning

This herbarium is far from presenting the exhaustiveness of the European toxic flora.

If a plant does not appear on this site, it does not mean that this plant is not toxic! For example, Aethusa cynapium L. is not presented in this virtual herbarium because I have not found a specimen, it is nevertheless of course an extremely toxic plant!

Information published on this site is not guaranteed and is too much summary to proceed to an identification. For any identification, consult a specialist or your pharmacist.

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